Anyone play any fun custom games???

It’s not like Halo Reach where I can always fins a custom games match, anyone know where ?

I can tell you how to set one up
Game mode. Ninja
Weapons. Energy sword
Traits. No shields, max movement, max jump, 50% gravity, .10 thruster recharge, .10 ground pound charge, 200% assassination speed, infinite ammo, and no motion tracker.

Make out of slayer ffa

I’m hosting a custom games lobby rn if you want to join

i have a duck hunt map and game mode, if you just find my gamer tag ( same as my name here) very fun, my buddies and i will spend three or more hours playing it. if you pick the mode make sure you save the one called “the real duk hunt”

I’m looking for people, so we can start playing some custom maps. Add me, if interested.

Feel free to add me, I host regularly 3-5 nights a week. I also forge maps as well. Hope to see ya sometime :slight_smile:

Theres a site for this now, This is a lobby search for custom games built by GeekPlaya
I tried posting this on the Halo 5 thread but the mods moved it

My buddy EviltheForsaken made a good one. He made a grenade wars gametype and a map and it’s really fun if you get enough people. He lowered the pistol and melee damage but left shoulder charge and ground pound damage the same. You spawn with 6 of each grenade.

There are already a ton of wonderful remakes from previous halos in halo 5, you can add me and download those maps from my fileshare. I only worked on Hang 'em High, here are a few screenshots of my map:

Complete List of all Remakes in my Fileshare:

  • Hang 'em High (now called “Hang 'em Higher”) - from Halo 1 - Damnation (now called “Floodgates”) - from Halo 1 - Ice Fields - from Halo 1 - Chill Out - from Halo 1 - Chiron TL 34 - from Halo 1 - Warlock (now called “Warmage”) - from Halo 2 - Beaver Creek - from Halo 2 - Lockout (now called “Rockout” and “Reminiscent”) - from Halo 2 - Sanctuary - from Halo 2 - Ascension - from Halo 2 - Construct (now called “Deconstruction”) - from Halo 3 - Rat’s Nest - from Halo 3 - Sandtrap - from Halo 3 - Guardian (now called “Garden”) - from Halo 3 - Uncaged (now called “Recaged”) - from Halo Reach - Sword Base (now called “Sword Edge”) - from Halo Reach - Boardwalk - from Halo ReachI am quite sure you will all enjoy these maps, cheers!