Anyone on an Xbox Series who owns the Campaign

… has the tile (on the Xbox Dashboard and in your Library) randomly changed from the Campaign’s Box Art to the Season 2 Multiplayer Art? It just did so to me today, and I’m curious if this is the case for anyone else.

Oddly, on my Xbox One X, it’s still showing the Campaign art tile. The Campaign has not locked for me on my Xbox Series, I can still access it and play it just fine.

Same for me, and I hate it, I hated it on Gears 5 and I hate it on Halo now… It doesn’t matter much to some, but I’m one of those who sort and pin their thumbnails


Yes, and it’s ugly as hell. As MastermetaleX says, it was the same with Gears 5 but at least they ditched that. Lots of free to play games do this by the way, and I understand why, but it annoys me immensely. Specially when I forked over full price for the singleplayer campaign.


Thanks both, I’m glad it’s not just me. I do think it’s a bug, however. As I mentioned, it’s still the Campaign box art on my Xbox One X, it’s only changed on my Xbox Series X.

If it doesn’t revert in a few days, I’ll file a bug report with Support.

No it’s certainly not a bug, the icons can sometimes take several days to update, this was the case when I was on XboxOne

Possibly but I’m not so sure. I was speaking with a moderator on the official Discord and they were surprised by this (and it happened on their Xbox Series X as well).

They encouraged me to file a bug report, which as I mentioned, I’ll do if the tile doesn’t change back in a bit (or if I notice it change on my Xbox One X, which it has yet to do).

Here’s another question: has anyone tried re-installing the Campaign or the entire game to see if that restores the tile?