Anyone noticing weird dialogue in the menus?

EDIT: reposted this here as I’m highly doubtful this is an INFINITE tease, I think my xbox just glitched and thats what caused the dialogue.
EDIT 2: other thread just got moved to H5 section, probably not a leak, wish I could delete threads.

If you stay in the menus long enough you will begin to hear what sounds like evacuation orders coming through a loud speaker. I’m recording them through my xbox and I’ll post links here. Is this a tease for INFINITE or is my xbox just glitching?

Here are the links, if you don’t trust them just go to my profile or wait in the menus and see if they happen for you as well.

“Warning, dam has sustained structural damage” Xbox Clips - View your xbox clips, Xbox game clips, and screenshots. The best xboxclips website! Better than - lou5y playing Halo 5: Guardians

“Please evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion”

“Evacuation mandatory”

Here are some more.

“Pump Status offline”

“Insufficient emergency vehicles”