Anyone noticing 343i pushing Co-Op?

I have noticed 343i has been pushing for more team work and team play in MM but what do you think they will do to push that in campaign? I can imagine Locke’s missions utilizing squads of Spartans that you command through the D-Pad or something. I don’t see anything like that happening for the Master Chief’s story, but really, I am okay with that. 343i is really pushing the duality of the characters and from what I have seen 343i really wants co-op to be Halo 5’s forte more than past Halo’s and this duality may be their way of introducing it without alienating lone wolves since Chief will have the solo missions while Locke gets the ‘groupified’ missions.

Halo 5 will definitely have plenty PvP but you guys might have all noticed the ‘Bro’ and ‘teamwork’ ideal that 343i really wants to perfect, kind of like their own personal vendetta with themselves for not making Spartan Ops what they envisioned it would be back in Halo 4.