Anyone noticed??

Anyone noticed the removal of the “Marathon” Symbol on Guilty Spark?
So that was the reason Bungie licensed the “Marathon” Symbols again, so no one could use them in the Halo Games anymore :frowning:

The Marathon IP has always belonged to Bungie. So we shouldn’t judge them for maintaining an icon which technically belongs to them.

I will judge them for including the Marathon icon in Halo in the first place though. It’s been around for so long that most fans have come to accept it as part of Halo during the original trilogy, and as a result may find it difficult to accept that it’s now gone. But in reality the Marathon icon in the Halo series is nothing more than shameful self-promotion on Bungie’s part. For anyone who doesn’t know, Marathon is a product which is still making sales.

I’s a shame it’s gone. It really fit in with the art design of Halo, and most people have grown to accept it as a part of the game. Luckily 343i can work around this as shown in Halo wars. I also want to say that whoever did the art did a great job, especially with the level design. I don’t know why I keep thinking of this, but I can’t wait to see the new version of the mural on Silent cartographer.