Anyone notice how...

…enemies will obsess over you the second they hit you? Just about every time someone hits you, they make it their life goal to kill you, even if you have six teammates between the two of you, even if you’re in a vehicle moving a mile away from the nearest objective, even if your buddy right next to you is about to score with the flag, even if you’re running away and someone is about to kill them.
If you are the first person an enemy sees or damages, you might as well have just killed their mother because they have a vendetta against you now.

Maybe it’s just me and I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it seems like people just relentlessly pursue you in this game, often to their own detriment (Halo’s always had this happen though).

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> (Halo’s always had this happen though).

Exactly. LOL! That’s all I was gonna say

I know how you feel. The A.I. seems to be against me as well.

I shot Warden Eternal in the face from halfway cross the map with a Beam Rifle. Turned away from him for a second to watch the nearby window because I saw red on my motion sensor… I’m suddenly incinerated by a beam from no where. Oh, and one time, I shot a Soldier in the home base, it literally did it’s version of a Spartan charge (sprinting up to you and bashing your face in) despite having several teammates in front shooting away at him.

Finish what you started. Leave no messes!