Anyone not like Halo 5's Shiny/Colorful Art Style?

I remember thinking this when 4 came out too. They made everything look smooth and colorful and vibrant. You can see it even in Halo 2 Anniversary maps, particularly with the smoothness and pop of all the gray structures. It is really apparent in Halo 5 as well, mostly with Spartans’ armor. I don’t know how to describe it, but if you see it too then you know what I’m talking about. Feels weird to me.

I like color in my games. Halo 1, 2, and 3 always kind of felt cartoony to me, Reach was gritty, and 4 is as you said. And I honestly prefer 4’s art style. It’s colorful, but not cartoony kind of colorful, and it’s still realistic, just not as gray scale and gritty as Reach. It’s sort of a balance and I actually really like it. I was playing Halo 4 last night and I was just staring in wonder at the beautiful environments and pulsating neon lights.

I can’t stand Halo 4’s shine. I literally couldn’t focus on it for more than 30 mins without having to walk away. I have no clue why 343i would ever think that much shine would be a good idea, and why they’d willingly bring it back.

I prefer ODSTs art style, I’m starting to feel like halo is being diluted not just through gameplay but through its artistic style. It just doesn’t look ‘halo’ anymore :frowning:

Personally, I love it. It gives the game more personality, and makes it much more interesting from an aesthetic point of view. I do miss the somewhat cartoony design from Halo 3/ODST though, it’s really different from other shooters.

I think it’s got, just a tiny to far on energy things, like that weapon called prophet of regret blade, it was very shiny, not sure if this is the same energy sword or a new different energy sword, still it was very shiny for me, would like to get it reduced.

i prefered reach’s gritty dark style and would like to see it be more like that, especially with the armor.

I preferred the colorfulness instead of the all the grays and browns.

I really loved that Arena Side of Halo 5. All shiny and dynamics. the colours fit pretty well.

In Halo 4, I made remakes of older Halo maps. To make them look the same, I added the Juicy filter. Halo 4 is only a more-realistic less-saturated version of previous Halos.

Personally, I’ll take 343’s glistening Forerunner utopiae over Bungie’s concrete ones any day. The new designs retain the brightness and colour, just with more realism, which is good for me. I don’t feel as badass gunning down cartoon grunts as I do screeching rainbow hordes.

please no
halo 5 looks great, especially truth in general

i like the colour design and lighting volumes and sandbox design the most from H3, i’d like a bit more of the grittyness from H2 and reach though. The shape and formation of map geometry was better in CE and H2 though IMO.

As stated above, Halo 4’s style is by far the best. Colorful, yet realistic, detailed and believable.

I do like the look of the game and the pop of the colors, it just feels like a very different Halo to me in terms of looks.

While I see the visual appeal of 4 and 5 for everyone that likes it, I cannot see what anyone could possibly like about Chief’s armor. I was really hoping they would change it for 5, but it seems like I am the only one that hates it. It doesn’t even look like MC to me. It’s just…gross.

Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4 had great art styles, but Halo 5’s art style looks all trippy. I’m gonna say Chief is in a coma. Fan theory FTW.

I’d rather see gritty yet colorful like Reach.

Halo reach had the best art style by far.

I like the colors in 1-3 better than those in 4 and reach. I dont know what it is, but it’s just too shiney for me.

Seems like way too over the top generic sci-fi and not enough Halo.