anyone miss the wraith?

i know basically every vehicle in this game except the ghost has been significantly nerfed from the transition from reach to 4 and this has lead to a number of threads where people ask for the ‘old warthog’, the more durable one

but seriously, when was the last time you got in a wraith for a sustained period of time? disregarding dominion, it only spawns on one of the seven btb maps: vortex. the problem is that if each team has at least one competent player, that wraith is gonna last under 30 seconds after its initial spawn as one player, after realising they cant win the race, just kamikazes themself in order to destroy it

i guess i just miss using the wraith and miss thinks like epic wraith on wraith battles on hemorrhage. it would be cool if two wraiths spawned on vortex and i think, since btb is a casual playlist, longbow could really use a ‘heavies’ rendition, especially given how large it is

Bad enough we have 7 btb maps out of like 13, nearly all the BTB vehicles are paper versions of their once mighty but skillful vehicles.

The wraith is take down too easy. It’s shots need to travel a bit faster.

I mean, it’s a ball of ionization. It’s not supposed to be slower than an old lady.

No, the wraith is fine as long as you keep your distance

My problem is with the sniper rifle wrecking vehicles…

Wraith is also on Longbow Dominion…