Anyone losing the will to play ranked, with the large volume of cheaters?

Without an in game report function, its already tedious enough for a cheater to get banned. And if they get banned, they create a new account in minutes, thanks to the f2p model.

It’s destroying the already barebone, buggy online ranked experience.

The population has already dropped off so much, it takes a while to find matches uk daytime, there will be no-one left but cheaters, unless a hardcore anti-cheat is implemented asap.

Where is the ban hammer? Surely 343 have alot of data on cheaters by now?

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They’re too busy trying to fix BTB lol

The ban gets more severe, and it’s recorded for more than just the account. When you connect to their servers they have more details on you than just a name to ban. There’s work arounds that exist though…and people will always find a way to cheat. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t still report players, especially ranked because these players are addicted to the vanity logo of their rank, their stats, etc. When they get removed, the whole fruits of their “labor” spoils. It was all for nothing, and that in and of itself at the very least can discourage some of them from repeating those actions. If we just ignore it all though, well nothing will change.

A better in game report function would be nice, but it isn’t practical to believe we would get such a thing. Like imagine a report button that records and save the entire match where all you do is flag 1 player in the roster. A human has to review the game footage and make a decision. It’s a long process that would be multiplied across many instances of people reporting players creating such an overwhelming amount of work for them to sift through and decide what’s going on. My point in saying this is that part of me believes that although it sounds ideal for us to have that, the reality of the time it takes to process everything and even get back to us would be significantly drawn out and we may even end up feeling like our reports were ignored altogether.

Right now there’s a simple link. Fill out a few boxes, submit a small clip, image, or type out a message to investigate a player you suspect of manipulating MM (boosting) and you’re done. You get a email confirm and a follow up. Takes less than 5 mins for sure.

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I’m been lucky I guess, all my cheaters have been in social lists, 3/4 in FFA.

Losing motivation to play Ranked, but not because of cheaters.
Hard to take the Rank games seriously when there’s basic and fundamental problems with the game:
Inconsistent melee
Magic bullets that curve around walls, or shoot through concrete
Winning games give <10 CSR, while losing games take away >10 CSR
Rockets that don’t explode, or explode in the wrong spot
No rewards for playing the objective. You get rewarded for a win overall and your KD.
… just to name a few.


Yup. Last 4 games I played: Won 3 Lost 1

I gained a total of 3 CSR in the three wins (1 CSR for each win) and lost 10 CSR for the one loss.

75% win ratio with a 7 CSR loss. WTF?


Yeah,that and the many other conectivity, lack of content and progression helped me decide not to play ranked. I only played this mode when you had to do the challenges, haven’t touched it ever since . Why would I when there is literally NO reason to play it?

Actually, I have reports from over a month ago now that have yet to be looked at. I dont think they are taking any reports seriously.

Tickets still marked as open. They are not even reading them as a placebo effect.

You got off lightly.

I was diamond 5, placed against a full High Onyx squad earlier, got absolutely steamrolled and lost 33 CSR.

Ive talked to a few people, and the consensus seems to be there are only those heavily invested left playing ranked. Steam alone is reporting a 40% drop in players in the last 30 days.

Infinite is on its last legs… 2 months after coming out of a 6 year development cycle. Microsoft must be fuming… Unless its just a massive tax write off?

Well, to be fair, I haven’t played this game in 2 weeks lol. No reason to play it, it’s an absolute dumpster fire.

I loose the will to play from leavers and people lagging out

Honestly its probably not even leavers. Look around the internet, the game is kicking people off left and right. This last “Hotfix” has seemed to just make the connection issues spread from BTB to the rest of the playlists.

And they claim it was thoroughly tested. Its time to master chief to rest it seems.

It’s definitely leavers. If the leavers are leaving mostly when we are loosing then it’s leaving. Especially if it’s right after a flag cap

There are a lot of issues with ranked:

  • high ping
  • cheaters
  • desync
  • ranking system that doesnt work for objective gameplay
  • stacked teams playing with smurf account
  • people lagging out
  • only 1 playlist
  • problem with hit registration
  • input lag

So the legit question is: “Why should i play ranked?”


You left out:

  • Extremely punishing CSR losses, and +1 CSR gains.
  • Almost no one using a microphone to communicate with their teammates.
  • Confusion after matches on what causes rank gains and losses, with hidden MMR apparently being a huge factor
  • Behemoth still in ranked playlist rotation
  • 3v4 start glitch
  • Quitters

Definitely the case. I’ve seen fewer and fewer people playing Halo Infinite in my friends list, and I seem to be matching with the same people over and over. I’m D5 as well, and the skill levels across both my teammates and opponents vary so much it’s almost not worth playing ranked anymore. Too unpredictable.


I’m pretty much done with the game now. Constant hackers in ranked, my teammates are 12 ranks lower than me and don’t appear to have hands to play the game with. It’s the worst expereience I’ve had in Halo ranked for a very long time.

I made the mistake of letting my eight year old play some of my rank placing matches (she was very excited for Halo and wouldn’t let up). So I started at gold one. Now that I’m bouncing around mid platinum it’s pretty much made it unbearable to play ranked.

Yeah ive play 4 games of ranked tonight. Every match was against Onyx players. Had a few games of Attrition and the difference is night and day.

If you cant match me against people of my own rank level, just tell me you cant find a match… putting me in as fodder for onyx is just terrible, terrible matchmaking. Ive lost 46 CSR cause matchmaking doesn’t work, not because im a bad player… another feature that is just broken in infinite.

Honestly though, this game is a dumpster fire. It will be dead soon.


I don’t feel that I have run into many cheaters per say, but I am getting tired of my platinum team getting stomped by Gold 1 alt accounts

I haven’t played ranked since week 2 of this game, and im thinking about playing some here in a few mins, is it really that bad?