Anyone looking for a good group/team?

We are the United Carstvo Atomos Federation
Contact ZeALoTT to join
Our goal is to become a large, organized military styled group! Dominate our enemy. And Carstvo means Imperial and Atomos means cannot be cut or divided.

We are looking for mature players that are above average in skill, if you decide to join us, you are guaranteed an interesting, fun and worthwhile experience. You will not only get better at the game, but make amazing friends and even develop leadership skills you will use in real life!

The UCAF does competitive scrims, raids, customs, and meetings and we are organized through a lasting battle tested military ranking structure and chain of command. You WILL be apart of an elite group few get into, you WILL get better, you WILL be challenged, but it’ll be worth it with the friends and memories made throughout the course of your time with the UCAF. Fight on the front lines in every major clan war on Halo! Defend the cause and be apart of something bigger than yourself!

Try out for the UCAF if you are up for what we have to offer! If you are good at forging or have a capture card and editing capabilities, we have more options for you!

  • Chancellor ZeALoTT “We only take the best!”

Nice font colors.

Thanks bruh.

I have never really been part of any clan and am curious as to what a military clan is. I mean I get the gist of it but I’d like be understand better

I contacted you on xbox

I am interested