Anyone know what this is? Screen issue

Whenever i look to the left and right i have this happen and idk what causes it. Look on the right side of the screen.

Anyone know what it is or what could be causing it? Im not imagining things am i lol?

I’ll be honest; I don’t see anything.

Can you describe what it is? I’m not noticing anything.

I’m also not sure of your concern.

Like others I see little going on here. If I think I see something it would be screen tear but that wouldn’t be limited to 1 side. Turn on V sync in graphics options if you want to eliminate screen tear, if that’s what you have? but I don’t know.? More footage? Description?

y’all really dont see the screen glitching on the right side? The pinkish color? I know i have OCD and my vision isnt the best but I definitely see some screen glitch on the right side of the screen considering theres no pink in the map there and its on the right side of my screen.

It looks distorted when i look left and right but i only notice it on the right side of my screen.

Definitely no pink there. But a bit of screen tearing for sure.

Enable vsync in Infinite or enable Fast sync in your Nvidia settings if you’re on PC.

I can once again confirm that I don’t see anything.

Im on Series X. Still dont know how you dont see pink in the area i highlighted lol.

I don’t see it on the first image, but I do see it on the other two! So no, you aren’t crazy! Bad thing is you can’t do much about it.

That is just a quirk with Forge. I noticed it on other maps. It might have something to do with FOV too. Basically, what I notice is that whenever something isn’t in your line of sight, items disappear and you’re left with the aftereffects and lighting (that glow is the ambient map lighting!). But they come back when you turn, but turn too fast and in the wrong areas, it causes it to sometimes pop-up in eyesight. I can’t say if on the default 70 it happens, but on 90 I notice stuff like that too.