Anyone know what Extraction is?

ANyone know or have an idea of what this game type will be??

We’re getting a new gametype?



Im guessing its a new gametype but i was wondering if anyone knew what it was

You go to the designated areas, you then activate this translocation device and you defend the area until the timer is finished. Then the crates will be teleported and you go to another area. The enemy team can convert your translocation sphere.

I believe it will be similar to how the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer works.

EDIT: Nevermind. Extraction is nothing like ME3 multiplayer. It’s basically another KotH or Dominion variant.

In KotH you find and control moving areas

In Dominion you find and control non-moving areas

In Extraction you plant a device and control it.

There are 3 bases, a b, and c, you have to extract a base then defend it for roughly 40 seconds, then it will explode and you captured a point, obviouly if you capture 2 your team will win.

Found a video on it. Looks pretty sweet. Cant wait till we can try it

You can play it in custom games. It seems pretty cool. Not sure why 343 don’t want us to play it in MM yet.

its a bit like Generator Defense.