anyone kind enuff

Is There Anyone Out There That Would Like To Help Me Get The Weekly CHallenge .??
Pls Because I Been Tryin For Ages And If Someone Dose Help Me I Would Be Very Greatful Thanks

All I can say is LASO New Alexandria. Ignore the mission and just go banshee hunting. I got it in about an hour and a half, but people have done it faster.

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Don’t be rude.

Play New Alexandria on Heroic. Put on 5-6 gold skulls (do not put on Tilt/Black Eye/Iron). Turn scoring on.

Hop in falcon, fly around for 45 minutes shooting banshees/phantoms. Cake.

Thanks =]

I did Legendary with every skull apart from Blind, Iron and Black Eye and I got it in 45 minutes. If you know the Phantom spawns, this challenge is easy to do.

I do ONI Legendary most skulls on, iron black eye mythic tilt off, and blind. Hijack a wraith and blow up phantoms at the AA gun that always respawn. 45 minutes and you’re there! If you need help I can help, though my time is limited to the mornings and maybe afternoons. 9-10am, 11am, 1-4pm EST.