Anyone here a fan of the new arena?

I sure am!

When a team is actually trying for a win it makes me really happy unlike the old FFA system. My experience so far has been pretty good what about you?

How are you finding ‘The arena’?

If you want to play some arena send a F/R to my GT - Diehards

I’m always looking for teammates :slight_smile:

With all the new power weapons, no!

I’ll be honest… I haven’t tried it yet. xP

Maybe I should?

Not really, I don’t play Arena.

I like that it’s more team oriented, and I don’t have to worry about that stupid rating anymore. But I’m growing a strong distaste for all of the power weapons.

I hate the addition of radar to arena. Besides that, as long as there’s no armor lock I’m fine.

No, not really.

I would like a ranking system for akin the Halo 3’s.

I’m not a fan, but it is a step in the right direction. I still don’t like the idea of seasons. All it does is discourage competitive players from playing the game and it forces me to play worse players than I should be playing at the beginning of each season.

its pretty nice that the ranking system was changed, but the addition of Evade and Jetpack is stupid.

arena + social playlist isnt as good as ranked + social playlist.

> its pretty nice that the ranking system was changed, but the addition of Evade and Jetpack is stupid.

That’s another complaint I have. I can deal with Jetpack but Evade is just grief in the form of an AA.

It beats team slayer and starting out with an assault rifle. I still hate jetpacks though.

NO AA’s should be pick-ups and I would like the 1-50 back!

I like it a lot more than the original, but I’d still like to see a separate Arena playlist for “Objective Arena” or something of the sort. Just plain slayer gets boring after a while.

I do not and never will like Arena. They might as well get rid of it altogether since it’s about as competitive as the Team Slayer playlist.

reminds me too much of GoW with all the evading. Jet pack sucks too especially on the cage. So my answer is no

Yeah, who’s genius idea was it to throw in evade, especially on maps with swords? Like c’mon. Hardly no DMR battles take place because you can just dive 15 feet to where your enemy is and beat them down.

I think they should add more playlists to it tbh, such as Arena MLG and Arena Objective.