Anyone having issues

After the holidays the game has been unplayable for me. Can’t play warzone without being kicked or arena and kicks me from fireteam. It seems my friends are not having the same issue. Which makes me mad because I had a company meeting today and it is impossible for me… PLEASE SHARE your experience in a non cruel manner so I can read and understand your experience and that 343 can a dress these issues

About 5 days ago I was playing warzone. Game glitches a few times.cut out. Then I was able to get into another game. Cut out. I haven’t been able to connect to a server since. Any ideas why? Xbox live said I’m good to go.

I have been reading from 343 forum and some say it’s time Warner Cable related. But this shouldn’t be the case because it was fine during launch until the holidays

i have many problems going on my end it was -Yoinked!- as soon as i bought the game , they should fix their servers as soon as possible . I am getting kicked out of my games abruptly for no reason and now i can not seem to get in because of xbox live party issues , the -Yoink-!!!

Have any of you had issues during the campaign? I’m on Mission 8 - Swords of Sanghelios and once I reach the council chambers, the game glitches and kicks me out to the Xbox home screen.

yesterday the game kpet kicking me to the main menu saying there were changes in my fireteam.