Anyone having issues with FF?

So, I can load up the game and play no problem. The issue comes afterwards. When I get back to the lobby instead of it saying intermission it’ll say deploying and the same guys I was with in the previous game. It won’t progress past this. I can go to the shop and see the roster, but that is all. I can’t back out to the menu and if I decided not to force quit the game I’ll be sitting here for about 5 minutes. After that it’ll go to black screen and kick my back to the main menu where it’ll say searching for a game on top of the screen. At the main menu I can go to campaign, multiplayer, forge, and community. However, I still can’t click anything. I have to wait another 5 minutes for the game to kinda reset it before I can do anything.

Now, whatever is causing this issue is also preventing my friends from joining my lobby. They get the server issue error and if they do join we can play one game. Then I run into the same issue while they go into another game.

I’m getting the same problem as well. Going to uninstall and try to reinstalled the game see if it helps

Yeah I am thinking about doing the same.