Anyone have this Halo Cookbook?

What could possibly be Halo about this cookbook? I need to know what’s in it, but I ain’t about to buy it without knowing.

I’m the primary chef in this house. And my go-to resource is the D&D Heroes Feast. That book was given to me and had recipes for stuff I was already making like wings and pot roast, but also some new things like mushroom steaks. And the real beauty of it is that it spans basic things like making dinner rolls all the way to stuff like mulled wine. All thematic. All delicious. Absurdly practical. It’s a fantastic book. 5 stars.

But this Halo cookbook… I have to know what recipes are in it. Like, I ain’t about to buy this thing just for a Moa themed burger recipe. I need something more like a colonial goulash or something.

Anyone have it?

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Not out till august. I’m very interested to see the recipes they have as well.

Woops. Missed that. Might have to bump this in August. :slight_smile:

Watch it fail to entertain a broader audience because it got boycott for being “not vegan friendly”

(It’s a joke btw)

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