Anyone have good ideas for customs?

What have people being playing in customs?

It seems a bit light on for options - God how we need Forge and scripting!

But we’ve settled on a couple of cool set ups;

Swords on Streets with everyone loaded up with 4x dynamo grenades is a lot of fun. I hadn’t realised how much they slow you down as you are trying to escape them.

And Aquarius FFA Oddball with shotguns is a blast (literally). The 2-3 shot kill works well in this scenario.

We’re lined up next week to try CTF with the Sentinal Beams. Bazaar probably the best map?

Anyone else find a particular combination that could tide us over until Forge comes out?

Swords vs Snipers on Behemoth.

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I think Swords vs Snipers would be great if we could give everyone the grapple shot.

Inexplicably the option for starting equipment isn’t available.


It’s great practice for the sniper rifles when you have to deal with opponents trying to blitz towards you and close the gap.

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Sounds like another version of Duck Hunting, a forge gamemode

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I make everything faster. Base speed. Sprint speed. Acceleration. I’ve been playing customs like this and it’s fun being able to actually move unlike the slow gameplay we have now.

For even more fun I bump up the speed even more and put heat waves as the start gun.

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The game is called halo infinite yet we can’t put infinite equipment 3 months into the game.