Anyone have an armor they want put back in?

What I mean is, is there some armor permutation that’s been in a game so far that isn’t included in the Halo 5 line-up that you’d want to be put in via req system extensions.

Like how the Shadows and Light pack. Maybe we get a “Blast from the Past” pack

I know for myself. I miss the CQB armor that showed up in Halo: Reach and disappeared afterwards.

Or for example Elite armor permutations if at all possible.

Or maybe old school weapon skins from previous halo games.

Hell this could extend to weapons such as the spiker we don’t see anymore or the plasma rifle.

What do you guys think?

CQB all the way. Also they need to bring every gun in halo back theres really no reason not to. I would prefer the the Plasma rifle over the storm rifle. The could even make more reqs for warzone

Maybe grenadier

That would be pretty cool but I doubt that they’re gonna make DLC like that anytime soon or I might be wrong because we don’t know what else they’re adding in the December update besides the Mark IV armor, SPNKr Rocket Launcher, and some weapon skins. If they do add something like that though I would vote for Haybusa, and Rogue Armor as far as weapons go the Brute Shot, and the Flamethrower from Halo 3.

the katana from halo 3

Rogue. But not the -Yoink- new rogue. Halo 3 rogue. And/or Hayabusa

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> Rogue. But not the -Yoink- new rogue. Halo 3 rogue. And/or Hayabusa

I don’t know if they can bring Halo 3 Rogue back because the Halo 4 Rogue is already in the game, so they’ll have to call it something else.