anyone getting tired

of the voting sytem. really do not want to play anymore slayer in btb i like objevtive but all the little kids gatta play thier slayer. at least halo 3’s dint make the game as repettitive,

What makes you think they are “little kids”?

Get a party together, and stack the vote for what you want.

this community never ceases to amaze me.
In halo 2, you played what you saw. Thats it, dont like it, dashboard then.
Halo 3s voting system was complete garbage. If you were in BTB and you got “assault, vahalla heavy” you vetoed and got “slayer, sandtrap”
In reach you get 6 CHOICES. I dont understand why people would even make a thread like this.
Even worse than that: in halo 3 team doubles, if you got "oddball on epitaph or some garbage sandbox community map + veto = AR slayer on isolation or some other crap.