Anyone getting spawn slaughtered?

Been playing a ton of warzone and a bit of SWAT. Seems I always spawn in with my back to an enemy when I finally burn all my REQ’s and get an instant death. Lol, probaby my luck not too worried abt that. SWAT on the other hand… I got a video saved where I spawned and got instant dropped 10 times in a row. Ruined my k/d for that game and my left side was to an enemy. So I couldnt spawn and pop him in the head. It was an awful experience and I hope it doesnt turn out to what team sets of the spawns first. Seems like a big issue for me. Just wondering on other ppl’s thoughts on it. Btw, the 10 times is no joke and that’s not even half of it. After I broke out of that spawn encampment I was placed into several smaller ones for the rest of the game which didn’t last long because my whole team was in same boat. Thanks.