Anyone Getting Banned for Idling while offline?

So everytime I log in it tells me I’ve been banned for idling when I logged off Halo or turned the console off. It’s getting worse, I’m banned for 12 hrs. Anyone got the same issue or am I doing something wrong here? It’s getting really annoying. Plz & thx with any help.

My friend had this a few weeks ago, it was fixed when I told him to fully quit halo 5 before getting off and to sign off manually if it persists. He hasn’t had the issue yet. Idk what actually occurs to ban him for sitting at the main menu but the h5 reset seemed to fix his issue.

also for general ban rules, don’t afk, betray, or quit in your halo games.

How do you fully quit out? Main menu screen?

Feel free to use the ban thread linked below.