Anyone found an easy way to get Brutes to throw Grunts?

I’ve done 3 play throughs and only seen it once. I’ve even tried to piss off brutes and grunts by shooting them in the feet and still nothing.

I kill all the brutes except one and then dance around until he decides to one of the grunts. I did this on easy to get the achievement. It can take a while.

Yeah that’s what I was doing but could never get the brute to throw them. Will have to try it on easy cause I tried on Heroic and Legendary and couldn’t get them to do it.

Been having same problem, at most iv’e seen them thrown about a foot off the ground and nothing like last years demo, tried it on all difficulties and still no chuck a grunt :-/

Yeah for something that was touted as a feature it’s pretty insane on rare it happens. Especially when you sit there for a half hour with a bunch of grunts and a brute and all they do is shoot you even when killing a grunt or two.

They gotta make it sort of like an “enrage” feature which all the Major Elites have.
All the Elites Major and up will activate cloak when they are enraged, maybe have Brute Officers toss Grunts when their Shields are broken or something.

just got it today using a guide from true achievements . com It is a bit tedious and involved jumping around a basic brute and grunt pair for a few minutes. Eventually the grunt will light his grenades and if the brute is nearby, he will toss him. Difficulty does not seem to matter, I got it on Normal so I did not have too worry much about the brute killing me too easily.

Don’t shoot the grunt too much, once they enter a panic state the don’t ever seem to light their grenades

Yeah that’s what I was doing, but was on Heroic and Legendary. Will have to try it on easy and see if I can’t get it to work that way the grunt does easier and I won’t have to worry about dying as fast.