Anyone found a fix for absent PC+Controller aim-assist? Been 10 months since issue appeared in flight #1

I apply all the known mitigations ( use controller to get past start menu, flip mouse upside-down, don’t use keyboard for chat etc)

Yet nearly every other matchmaking game, “aim-assist” does not load in. It completely ruins the online experience.

When it works normally, aiming is fluid and controllable.
When it doesn’t work, the reticle bounces around uncontrollably & windmills enemies, extremely noticeable.

Could be a controller issue? CPU? desync? 343 should be critically investigating this.
Otherwise, it’s the Halo 5 heavy aim situation, all over again, years of ignoring/denying the issue exists.

This issue was present last July in the first flight, so far 343 has not acknowledged the issue, even though there are countless reports across waypoint/reddit etc.

Not every pc+controller player encounters this issue, but still many of us are suffering with this issue.

The only work around I have seen and tried that worked to fix the aim assist turning off randomly was from a HCS Discord chat from a few months ago.
The guy said after he launches the game, he literally syncs his controller then goes behind his PC and unplugs the USB for his Keyboard and Mouse.
The slightest knock on your desk, or tap of the mouse cable can cause the game to switch back to keyboard and mouse and lose your AA so by disconnecting them, he avoided that.

I’m getting it on gaming laptop. If it was detecting touchpad input, the cursor should show, but it doesn’t always. Is it too hard to just let players choose which input devices they want to use and block input from others?

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What do you mean exactly by “syncs his controller”?