Anyone for a ForgeBattle? Added another rule!

So it seems I posted this in the wrong forum yesterday (was in multiplayer :|)

[This is the updated version of my original post on a few months ago]

A ForgeBattle is basically a complicated Slayer game, with a few trust rules thrown in and of course, Forge.
Players are separated into teams of two or three (sometimes more) and given a few minutes to prepare before they are allowed to fly/drive around and scout out the opposition.
Before anyone throws themselves onto my beautifully decorated, tasteful and comfy bandwagon, I would like to make a few things clear including rules and a few game variants.

  1. You do not need to be particularly skilled at forge. Just knowing how to place objects would be fine.
  2. Playing as monitor outside your own base (which includes killing with forge objects within your base) can (and will) get you kicked.
  3. You are free to move around Forgeworld as you so desire, vehicles, AA’s are all fair game.
  4. Fire-bases are allowed as long as they aren’t too close to an enemy base.
  5. Deleting any objects that you didn’t place is not allowed, unless of course, someone has covered your base in kill balls. (which will get them kicked)
  6. Infinite armour lock glitch will get you kicked. Don’t think about it.
  7. Avoiding death by flying away is also against the rules, in your own base or not.
  8. No killing of Prisoners (see below for more information)
  9. [OPTIONAL] Spartan lasers are banned from all Forge-Battles run by me… they’re just annoying and limit air assaults especially on skybases or cliff-bases.
  10. Weapon placement must be proportionate or equal to the number of people per team (e.g. 2 Snipers for a team of 2 players
  11. Bases must be accessible (sp?) by both Spartan, Elite and Monitor; which means that you must have some sort of opening. Also, make sure your doors are high enough for Elites if any player prefers that species.

A few established game variants are as follows:
If a player surrenders (either by telling enemies or crouching and looking at the ground) they are transported to a cell. The only way out is if a team-mate safely reaches the cell and moves the door (one of the few allowed ways to monitor outside your base).
If somebody surrenders, you must comply by taking them to a cell. [It’s useful to make the prisoners switch to less-effective weapons and AA’s that won’t aid in an escape i.e. Don’t let them use JetPack or Active Camo]
Killing prisoners is against the rules, unless given reason. (they cheated/attempted suicide/tried to kill you etc).
Obviously cells must be placed where enemies can reach.
Every few minutes FX will turn on and everything will be darker.
The perfect time to launch a stealth mission or build a hidden defence.
This is a sims-style game. Players will build houses and what-not, and then play through their street.
Want to massacre your neighbours?
Want to push everyone into your dark basement?
Or do you want to fill your rocket warthog and go on a rampage?
Game chat:
Everyone is in game chat, therefore, you can only hear enemies when they are close-by. (proximity chat must be turned to headset).
Call signs and different words are useful.
For instance, if I am in an enemy base I can say over the mic ‘The fox is in the hen-house’, ‘I’m taking out the president’ or possibly ‘shaking the crib’. Enemies are less likely to understand your plan if they over hear.
You can also message enemies. Want to forge an alliance and imprison your team mates?
Want to distract them with a lengthy text while assaulting the base?
In this variant, two partners work together. One can only play as monitor (spawning objects) and the other only as a Spartan/Elite.
You must work together on-the-fly to build bases and defeat the opposition.

All of these variants can (and are) mixed and matched together.

I was planning on including a film clip for this post of a recent ForgeBattle (I forgot to save it facepalm), but I will try to describe it the best I can.
Imagine this:
Your base is in the Canyon, opposite the cave side. You have a fence going from one side of the canyon to the other, infront of it are landmines to ward off any attackers.
Through the small one way shield is the main base, a complex arrangement of ramps and cover accompanied by a Scorpion, Shade, Warthog and Revenant.
While patrolling in a Banshee you suddenly see a Falcon flying towards you from somewhere near the Island. A lone spartan drops from the side of the Falcon, Jetpacking down to Alaska while the Pilot heads to your main base.
It looks like he is attempting a landing so you boost in quickly and kill him just as he climbs out.
But what happened to the other spartan? Suddenly your Banshee is EMP’d as a Spartan Jetpacks down from Alaska, one plasma grenade and your Banshee is gone.
He runs into your base, quickly sniping your ally from nearby the Shade. Soon enough the Spartan makes it to the Scorpion and drives through the front gate. The pilot arrives in another Falcon, landing and getting in the Scorpion’s turret.
They drive through the Canyon after a constant bombardment of your base and Banshee fliers, successfully stealing your Scorpion and leaving your base and people open for a large attack force.
What happens next is up to you.
Just so you know, I was the JetPacking Spartan.

Add me (WhiteFalcon900) or thedarkbeing on live if you want to enter in a ForgeBattle.

Forge and shoot people. 'Nuff said.

Sounds extremely fun! When is it though?

> Sounds extremely fun! When is it though?

Well basically whenever we can get at least four people interested, who can play by the rules. If somebody is new to our version of ForgeBattles, we give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are mature enough to go by the rules.
The more factions there are, the more fun it is for everyone IMO.