Anyone else's gametime/total games glitched?

Anyone else’s gametime/total games glitched? Mine says total games played is 12 when I played wayyy more than that and it won’t go up lol also my gametime is wrong too.


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I’m having the same issues too.

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Oh definitely yes on my end. I was hoping this wasn’t just me. Every time I look at other people’s Service Records’, they’re always correct, except for mine, so I was wondering if this was only happening to me.

So my Service Record be like:

Completed Halo CE’s Campaign on Legendary and killed 10,000 enemies all within 1 hour. Speedrunners would be proud… If I completed more than apparently only 2 missions.

Completed Halo 2’s Campaign on Legendary, got all the Campaign achievements except for 1, and killed 11,000 enemies and died 600 times… all within 5 and a half hours. Okay.

Completed Halo 4’s Campaign on Normal, killed 1,600 enemies, but only completed 2 missions and all within 0 seconds. Pretty impressive if you ask me, lol.

And that’s just in the Summary.

In the Campaign section, I played all the Campaigns for a total of 4 hours, and yet played 11 hours of Halo CE (which is 10 hours more played than the Summary version). Or played Halo 2’s for 0 seconds (wait, I thought it was 5 and half hours?) and killed nearly 10,000 enemies.

And then, to top it all off, my MCC Service Record says I’ve only played a total of 36 hours, and yet my Xbox One tells me I’ve played MCC for 142 hours.

Only with Halo 4. I’ve completed all missions solo on legendary, but the server didnt register that information correctly.

Go into my MCC record and set my Campaign to Halo 4. Four of them show as done solo with the other 4 done co-op.

My stats seemed ok until today, only says I’ve played for 5hours now, was saying 30+ hours, halo2 campaign timing says 00:00:00 but finished the campaign… Well done

i just checked in a space of about 1 minute and the stats show completly differenmt things, also to what is shown on mission select and on halo WP, but that might be a time delay

@343, what’s the logic you are determining total per game/ total playtime by /missions completed by?

I’m guessing its a separate variable for each time/game and time/total as my times and stats got messed up after an update few weeks back.

Proposed solution,next update:
rescan total individual playtimes for each level in each campaign to make the minimum total time/ game back IF time played stat is < sum of individual times per game

$games = array(1,2,3,4);

foreach ($games as $game) {
if ($time_played_halo_$game < $sum_of_each_missions_time_$game) {
$time_played_halo_$game = $sum_of_each_missions_time_$game

Halo2 says I’ve played 00:00:00 in campaign but done all missions and completed on heroic, similar story with halo 3,4.

Wouldn’t be hard to fix I’m sure… :wink: