Anyone else...

…a little tired of team colors?

I’ll just use Warzone here… I get that it’s for clarity reasons as well too, but every match starts out as this awesome in-universe Pelican drop into hostile territory and everyone hops out looking like pastel costume heroes and so do all the Marines. Can they at least be something other than Red and Blue? How about Sage/green on one team and brown on the other? Or green vs. silver, I guess? This is a brand-new mode and a brand new concept made strictly apart from Arena and I feel you could have taken a few risks with the colors this time, especially with how bright Warzone maps are by default…

If I can name one thing above all that is seriously immersion breaking in Warzone though, it’s every time you actually look at your Marines and teammates… I dunno, maybe I’m just pissy about FFA… or maybe it’s because I haven’t played Infection in a while.

I’m not really bothered by it to be honest,
As long as infection lets me use my own colours im fine

Usually too busy killing to notice unfortunately