Anyone else wonder if we will get Spartan Agryna's Armor Core sometime soon?

For those of you who have played the Academy tutorial, you were introduced to Spartan Laurette Agryna, the acting Spartan Commander in the absence of Spartan Sarah Palmer.

Unlike the other Spartans in the tutorial, who are just all wearing Mark VII armor with different helmets, she however is wearing a unique set of armor that is unlike anything else we have available in the game.

I believe that we may someday get her Armor in the game as a set we can customize. Especially given the fact that her helmet is also unique and has a unique attachment affixed to her right-earpiece slot.

Thoughts on this anyone?

I would also like to point out that she is one of the bots on your team during the match you take part in at the end of the tutorial. This means that her armor is already coded on a Spartan model and thus, like the other bots who all wear armor that we can unlock in the game; it implies that her armor will be useable sometime in the future.

She’s wearing what’s essentially a mix between Mjolnir MK 5 and MK 6.
I’m guessing she may be one of the very first S-IVs created and she was given the MK 6 when it was still in service.

Maybe we’ll get those cores down the road, but with cross coring, we can easily slap on any MK 5 or 6 pieces we get down the road onto that core.

I find that unlikely.
In the Tutorial intro cutscene, it shows Spartan Agryna home in the United Kingdom when Brutes attacked, and she was rescued by Spartan IVs in Mark VII armor.

Her armor is something else entirely. And when you see her helmet, it is something that very loosely resembles the Mark VI and Mark VII.

Perhaps she is testing out a prototype MJOLNIR armor?

Honestly I’ll just chalk that up to inconsistencies and to better sell the default MK7 armor. But yea there have been cases of S-IVs active before the events of H3 were over so that may be true.

Maybe she chose the MK 5/6 variant then.

Late reply, but I would like to point out that Commander Agryna’s armor core shares a lot of design language with the Macworld 1999 Master Chief armor, which was canonized as the Orion armor core in MCC. This leaves me to speculate that it is some type of experimental armor core, or, at least, probably not Gen 3 Mar V or something like that (though, that wouldn’t be a horrible idea, in hindsight). I’ll also point out that her shoulder armor resembles the H3 Scout shoulders, and the low-profile design of the torso may point to a stealthy role in the lore, but it’s just as likely that it simply shares a similar torso to Mark V or Orion.

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