Anyone else wish assault was it's own playlist?

Assault is pretty much what I’ve been waiting for since Reach’s Invasion mode.

However, regular warzone doesn’t appeal to me at all (PVE, unequal spawns, etc) and it’s a bummer that I’ll have to play regular warzone matches just to be able to play some assault.

Not that I expect them to actually make them separate, just wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

From what I understand it is its own playlist. Just bunched together for the journalists pre release.

Go look at the blog post showing the playlists. Warzone Assault is it’s own playlist.

that would be awesome. I miss invasion from reach. That’s pretty much what i played when I was on reach.

Oh. :stuck_out_tongue:

We that’s good news. I guess misinterpreted something I read earlier. Thanks.

I could care less the game type was fun though

If it isn’t its own already, it could be if it gets enough traffic.