Anyone else want a more relaxed playlist?

I know you guys at 343 are working hard, and slowly releasing new stuff making sure it’s “perfect.” You guys should add REAL Infection so custom games will be amazing, and put Grifball in matchmaking :smiley: Also, sometimes I get so bored after playing many competitive feeling games, that I just want to join games and betray people as much as I can. But you guys say you can get banned or whatever for stuff like that… which is crazy to me. Betraying was fun in Halo 2/3 if you were bored. Trolling people is so fun at times. I’m an SR-56 right now (without dewXP cuz it somehow disappeared on day 2) but I get tired of trying, so I just want something relaxed feeling or I will go into games betraying since that sounds REALLY fun right now.

Yeah, I liked the action sack from halo 3, especially that sumo game with the warthogs and gravity hammers :smiley: