Anyone else tired of the lag when playing MCC co-op campaign?

Like seriously, Halo is a story driven franchise. And as one, I would expect for the game, who’s purpose is to have all the other main Halo titles in it, to be able to run their campaigns smoothly and without severe lag while playing with friends online.

This goes double now that the 360 servers have been shut down. You can’t go back to the original copies and play those ones with friends to try and avoid the lag.

Someone told me that it was because 343 doesn’t offer dedicated servers for their campaigns, and I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if not… Why? Why would they not include servers specifically for campaigns in the Halo franchise? I tried playing 4 player co-op with my online friends in ODST, but it was near unplayable because of our collective lagging. And this happens with every title in the game, no matter how many players are involved.

It’s been like this since 2014. It’s unplayable in co-op unless you are both sitting on the couch next to each other. Pretty sad this was not ever addressed.

One of my main issues with MCC is the playlists not counting I played the entire Chief story one and some missions didn’t complete and I don’t feel like slogging through it all again for a chance it’s going to fail

The original games were ridden with god awful lag. You know how many vidmaster runs that ended because someone lagged out. It’s hard to believe but the MCC versions do run better. The reason why they have awful input lag has to do with the synchronous nature of the networking behind coop. The MCC team has stated that rewriting the netcode would take roughly a year for each title.