Anyone else think about Halo 4 like I do?

I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this but I honestly have to say Halo 4 is not finished, it’s incomplete. And on top of that, the part that is complete is very lacking. I remember playing on forge for hours and hours just having fun building things, now that fun is all but nonexistent. The other day I watched a Halo Waypoint video of the new site and they showed clips from Halo 4, I was amazed because those Halo 4 clips in the video had better graphics than the actually game did, and I watched those clips through the tv my Xbox 360 is hooked up too. If you have any input, please let me know.

halo 4 is my favourite halo game in my opinion, but yes its very unfinished from my point of view, im hoping 343 do make some changes, and add some forge maps into multiplayer.

Even 343 is saying its unfinished. Give it a little time OP, this is their first game as a company after all.

Yeah I’m coming to believe we’re currently playing a huge public beta right now and a major TU is coming…

I want to see more maps. I mainly play slayer or big team slayer and while the maps are good, there just aren’t enough. Reach had this problem when released. A few forge maps would be nice, on top of the map packs.
I also love Halo 4 but the lack of maps is annoying.