Anyone else thankful to have a flashlight ability in the campaign again?

After seeing all the posts here pointing out all of this games flaws, I thought it would be appropriate to show my appreciation for something that 343 didn’t make a complete mess of. For the first time since halo 3, we have a toggle-able flashlight in the campaign. Is this a huge deal? No but it’s nice to be able to look around in dark areas without relying on muzzle flashes from your weapons, scripted moments in a particular level (namely a segment of H5’s blue team level), or carrying a weapon with an integral flashlight (like the H5 M45D shotgun). I know ODST had the VISR feature which helped out in dark areas and Reach had the night vision mode but I personally missed having a regular old flashlight.


A few times I forgot about the flashlight and just stumbled my way through dark stretches of the maps/rooms :rofl:

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At least it has a use this time around, unlike in CE Anniversary where everything had saturation and bold light in all parts of the game besides the tutorial for the flashlight.


I used the flashlight quite a bit in Infinite. Pretty much in every cave, it went on. I’m glad it returned.

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