Anyone else still getting 3v4s or even 1v5s?

So almost I’ve had the game since Christmas, and I was wondering, is anyone else still playing 1v5 matches? This is really stupid, and it doesn’t help me at all, since it means that I will almost always lose because I’m not at all good at Halo 2A Multiplayer. Please 343i, please fix the darn game.

Most of the time I play 3vs3 because this crappy game just starts when it has found 5 more players.

yup, more than ever.

It Almost never starts uneven. I get a lot of 3v3s and 5v5s, but games that start uneven rarely happen. Quitters are very common though, so the games end up being uneven within a couple minutes. This is especially true whenever you hear someone complain about how a BR start was selected…

@Apollo yeah I guess that is what’s happening, since the only game mode everyone wants to play is Team BR. The game really needs better modes and it needs to fix the voting system.

I rarely will get an even game and when I do players always seem to quit

Actually about 2 days ago I got into a 4v5 game. The stupid matchmaking made the teams when there was only 9 players and I had to play an uneven match.

3V3 7 times outta 10 and I rarely get a 4v4 game, also get the occasional lopsided game as well. 1 or 2 people usually drop out anyway so in the end it doesn’t matter how the game starts. Until the ranks are fixed the quitting will never stop.

almost every game which is why only rumble pit should be using their broken ranking system.

95% of the time, it’s fine - 4v4 means 4v4. But I got a 4v3 just now that annoyed the hell out of me since I’m usually on a team of incompetent noobs anyway. Matchmaking tends to set us against teams who know how to play Halo.

In the lobby, it had us set up as two teams of 3 with one player having a white, neutral nameplate. It didn’t find an 8th player nor did it drop the 7th. As I said, normally it does but this time for some reason it did not.

Ive had many problems. Often there will be 6 or 8 players in the lobby, but the game will great a 2v4 or a 3v5! I played on 1v5 where there were 6 players in the lobby and it still set me up as 1v5 ( i went on a killing frenzy somehow haha)

this is the most common problem, and the most frusterating. expecting an evenly matched game to start and the game makes uneven teams. terrible

however it is a valid point that it doesnt matter if it even starts even, seems every game at least one person quits but often it is multiple. Either not playing from the beginning or they quit as they loose. Also frusterating. I think ranking discourages it but does not at all stop quitting completely.

I just played my first game that began 3v4. There were 7 people in the lobby and it started a game on Midship. This is new, usually it doesnt start the game unless the teams are even. Lots of wasted time waiting for even teams only for players to quit and defeat the whole purpose.