Anyone else seen the Vacancies?

I wish they were easier to get because I’ll be able to be a producer or anything under video production or film. I can do business and computer stuff too. I know everything of halo except for having experience being in a gaming industry but have experienced in films and video production

I actually just rang up Bill Gates on his private line and he told me “it will all be chill” and not to worry

This work shortage is everywhere under the sun in the United States. All levels of work are experiencing this.

That’s because Forza makes games more frequently. Unsure about the Sea of Thieves claim though

Oh wow, that is actually pretty surprising… Wait, no it probably isn’t.
To build the game engine Halo Infinite uses 343i cheaped out and go in contractors to build certain elements of it. And guess what? 343i didn’t even know how to edit the store afterwards.

They’re trying to get new people in asap because 343i have no idea what they’re doing xD