Anyone else seen the Vacancies?

You should check the vacancies at every other game company. There are always going to be openings.

So all these vacancies actually don’t necessarily equate to bad times at the studio. There’s a chance that Infinite had a successful enough launch from a business standpoint (game sales, shop revenue, critical acclaim, attach rate, etc) that it got approval to hire more support. Essentially adding net new positions to help support the success.

They needed them filled like 2 months ago though lol

All them openings looks like an opportunity for y’all to nut up or shut up.

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343 doesn’t hire halo fans, we’re immediately disqualified.

I’m joking of course, but only a little bit

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I would like to point out that I DID mention that they were heavily understaffed about a month ago.

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That’s actually true. 343i said they hired people who hated Halo.

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And that folks, is how we got Call of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Gourdians.

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If only they hired on those contract workers who showed the most promise. Right now, they could have had about 2-6 years of experience with this engine and that’s a lot of talent there.

It’s a real shame in hindsight and I do not think it was worth it in the end.

MS should really consider hiring perm staff. Honestly people may or may not want to even fill those vacancies because of how much bad rep 343 has as a studio, and their revolving door style of employment turns away anyone who wants a long sustainable career.

Even if I were to step up to the plate, the first thing I would ask is “are you going to employ me for long term, or let me go after 18mths”

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Companies simply refuse to pay enough, it’s why people leave and feel no reason to stay. They try to give you peanuts while the cost of living has skyrocketed for decades.

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Well that explains a lot. They hire people that hate the game and then are “surprised” when it fails?

Sort of like hiring Vegans Cooks at a Prime Rib Steak house - you can guess how quick that place would fold.

Rip thread it’s gonna get locked

They also wanted to change halo to a game they loved so pretty much strip down halo to the name and make it so they can put it on their resume

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They should probably hire people for a live service game. Not sure who would want to go to 343 industries though considering it sounds like they are wildly under staffed.

Nobody wants to be abused as a software engineer, and when you are understaffed that’s what will happen.

It also doesn’t help they released the game unfinished and the mid season update was a day one patch essentially

The gaming field is pretty competitive. I hope halo is paying their workers well or they won’t get anyone to fill those spots. But me personally? Even working on a big IP like halo, I wouldn’t wanna clean up the technical debt that they put themselves into

343’s priority zero only really works when you release a game, when it’s finished, with a actual plan before release, not 6months+ after launch

Honestly they got lucky those other two games had such bad releases, but time is not on their side. Given how popular Elden Ring has become. And how it’s a Paid game. With no microtransactions. And like you said certain titles will mostly likely release. When Halos Saving Grace aka forge comes out so it may not even be enough.

As for season 2, based on the fact that they stated themselves that the UI is a mess to work with and things tend to break when they make changes.
Based off of that I’m going to guess season 2 is going to have rough the same brokenness as Season 1.

Yea I may even wait out the BP so I could do both the season 2 and season 3 Battlepass simoltanuesly,

Nope. Mark my words, if they monetized four shades of blue, they will certainly monetize Forge as well. Likely pieces or skyboxes.

Keep your expectations down.

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A bunch of contracts just expired and they’re going to hire more contractors. This is normal.

That does not mean it is good.

To be fair: gaming in general is known for terrible workplace conditions (crunch) and mass layoffs once a game makes it out the door. The live service model likely even helps there as you actually have stuff for all the designers, etc. to do until the next project kicks into high gear. The gaming industry mainly runs on people being passionate about gaming - otherwise software engineers can get a lot less stressful gigs that likely pay the same or better.

The issue that seems special with 343i’s contractors seems to be that:

  • They used them on lots of core features - so key Know How was lost
  • Many had to leave during development - not after

In the end the interesting question would be whether or not they are adding additional staff or replacing people who left. Hard to tell only going by job postings.

Biggest system seller is game pass and Forza/Sea of Thieves dwarf Halo Infinite.

This game has the same quality as many mobile games, its game over for 343, no new maps and still 2 months left of season 2. This is a joke.