Anyone else seen the Vacancies?

Senior Enviroment Tech Artist,
Senior Facial Artist,
Gameplay Animator,
Senior Software Development Engineer,
Senior Gameplayer Network Engineer,
Senior Service Engineer,
Senior Technical Program Manager - Halo Services,
Senior Technical Program Manager - Halo LiveOps,
Senior Service Engineer,
Release Manager,
Senior Software Development Engineer x 3,
Software Engineer II,
Senior Program Manager,
Insights Program Manager,
Senior Producer,
Associate Producer,
Live Design Director,
Monetization Designer,
Writing Director - Halo Infinite,
Multiplayer Designer,
Sandbox Design Lead,
Insights Manager,
Franchise Business Manager,
Executive Assistant,
Technical Support Manager.

Now to me that is very very concerning. It might explain why every little change that should take a day or so is taking weeks to months.


When the hell is Microsoft going to step in or at least send some staff from other studios over to help finish this turd? Their biggest franchise and biggest system seller is treading water and they are twiddling their thumbs while people are leaving in droves, both the staff working on the game and the players playing the game.


‘Live service director’ it’s almost like 343i have learnt nothing. Halo Infinite needs to drop this F2P nonsense. :thinking:


I actually just reached out to Phil Spencer. I’m sure he’s already aware, but knowing the community is concerned about the well being of the studio couldn’t hurt.


I wonder if this is an industry problem. I know in the industry I work there has been a lot more turnover and struggle to hire/keep staff in the last year than previous years.


If you have a direct line that is not posting a tweet, tell them to bring back open communication and stop this nonsense of F2P, it is only damaging the brand. For the small amount of money they are making before halo dies, it’s not worth it.


Shouldn’t this be in the ‘Recruiting’ forum? :rofl:

They’ve been recruiting for loads of jobs for several months now. This is nothing new tbh.


This is absolutely insane, I’m curious how they have lost so many people. I think that Microsoft doesn’t appreciate what it takes to create a successful franchise that can create a game that lasts a decade.

It also seems to me like as soon as this game launched, it lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of financial support.

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That or the revenue model the game is built around doesn’t consistently generate a profit when the player base is dwindling, the stream of cosmetics overpriced, subpar, or not worth it due to customization restrictions, and no real incentive to purchase the battle pass outside of mostly subpar cosmetics.


Given the lack of communication I dislike their most recent “Oh hey the keyboard works” update wherein they cited “team health” as the reason for slow patches and poor communication. Frankly, this comes across as passive aggressive guilt tripping crap aimed at deflecting responsibility for how poor communication has been handled post-launch.

Anyone with more than a brain cell should recognize there are people on the other end of the screen who work for 343, (hopefully) have lives outside of their job, and I imagine the general consensus would be the community wants those people to look out for their health. But that is not an excuse for the poor community engagement and lethargic pace of development. 343 is a company and the well-being of their employees is but one of their many responsibilities as a business.

@BlueDevistator is that industry video games or software related? The employment trends in your industry could be effected by entirely different factors if not. FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) have pretty terrible Software Developer retention rates due to the Black Company like behavior Software devs/engineers are subjected to. Admittedly, I don’t know where Microsoft falls with respect to running their devs ragged or following through with promoting a healthy work life balance.

Black Company meaning -


I have seen job postings at studios galore for years. Xbox has had the shingle out for god knows how long.

Yes, different industry. I’m aware there are completely different factors that could affect employment. But I’ve heard the term “the great resignation” thrown around a bit and there seems to be a trend across the global (or at least national) work force with companies struggling with staffing.

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Does anyone work there? Who was on vacation during winter? Lol

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Forge releases, Halo community saved Halo ifinite

No one wants to wake up to an empty game
No one ever wants to be place the blame
It’s not so easy to let them go
The games that you love

Now that it’s done, what will make me smile?
What game can I pick up that won’t let me down?

I have this vacancy in my heart
There’s just something that’s always tearing me apart
I don’t know why I ever let you go

CODMW2 and Warzone2 will most likely be near to or already released by the time Forge is in any fit state to come to the rescue (most likely Season3 so depends on how many months they give Season2). A lot of gamers also stop playing as much when they good weather comes too which is why games are generally released at the start or end of year…I know I won’t be grinding Halo during Season2 particularly if most of the issues we’ve raised on here aren’t addressed and resolved.

343i and Microsoft had the best window of opportunity to cement Halo back to the forefront of the FPS genre for years to come and they’ve well and truly messed it up. With both the latest COD and BF being poorly received, it beggars belief how they got this so badly wrong…and they shouldn’t have put themselves in the position where they are trying to win back the gaming population that they have already lost. I don’t think Forge will be enough to save Halo Infinite.

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They’re doing exactly what they shouldn’t be doing and apparently dont care. Its funny because just before this came out I watched that “history of…” Xbox doc on youtube where they readily admitted to past mistakes and they say they’re so much better now:/

And now they’re more concerned with buying up studios while letting their flaghip franchise die a slow, miserable death. Well played Microsoft.

Like I said in a pervious topic, I believe Halo is on hold with all the people leaving. Prior to those who left, they were still looking for people to feel some positions. Now they have the prior positions to fill plus all the ones who left.

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I can’t believe they marketed this as the next 10 years of Halo when it’s abandonware. The numbers are depressing, only 4% of the launch playerbase remains.

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