Anyone else satisfied?

We had spent months being patient, and finally we got out first glimpses of Halo 4, even if some of us disapproved or loved it, were we all satisfied with our thirst for Halo 4 knowledge?

I am. I can wait until E3 with what we’ve received. Anyone else feel the same way or am I alone on this?

Very worried at the same time though, but yeah we have to wait for more info to judge the new addittions.

Satisfied… yes, considering the wealth of information we got from our first actual trailer but I am very eager to see what we get from the next installment.

I’m very happy with what I saw…

I would’ve liked the reveal to be about campaign, but otherwise I’m happy.

Color me satisfied.

Satisfied since they announced Halo 4.

I’m very excited with the news but i’m hungry for some more :slight_smile: