Anyone else run out of ammo in BTB a lot?

I’ve found myself taking the extra ammo perk just so I don’t end up running around with a plasma pistol. Since weapons don’t spawn on the map any more, running out of ammo seems to be a rather common problem for me when I live more than a few minutes. Doesn’t help that all I ever get is SAW’s on BTB for ordnance.

Yep, there are those moments when you just wish that weapons were placed on the map. Instead you have to hope that another player has the same weapon that you have so if they die you get their ammo/weapon. I hope that they come out with a classic playlist.

I love the little announcement. You must scour the battlefield for weapons. I just run out into the open and give up a free kill thanks to all the weapons disappearing. I know a lot of players blame the DMR for base camping but I think half of it is not having access to ammo, so venturing out is risky to stat watchers.

Most of the people I kill are halfway across the map, so their ammo isn’t even available. Then sometimes it’s like, really? What were you doing with a suppressor in Ragnarok?