Anyone else run into the gaming Hitching?

MIddle of gameplay which I am counting twice so far. The second time it happened while I was just hanging out at a new FOB i caught and the first time it happened in the middle of combat. The game just froze. Stopped everything. Sound, combat, and movement. The game just froze in its place and nothing happened for about 3 to 5 seconds then it started up like nothing happened all over again.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this? Are the devs aware of this happening?

Only once for me, but have seen others with it on Twitter and YT

I’ve had 1 crash, and maybe 2 - 3 brief freezes that resolved itself on the Series X through 1 playthrough. Considering the campaign is freshly released, and the graphics are superb I don’t mind it. It’ll eventually get ironed out.

I had the game in Quality mode, and in many instances the performance dropped well under 60, and many cutscenes felt like they were between 40-50 fps, so it kinda looked sometimes as cluncky as the Halo CE cutscenes.

Also,the assassination target that is north on that first base you unlock , the game froze as you said for about 5 seconds, then worked fine but the only audio I had was only when I shot the assault rifle. Had to restart the game for audio to come back.

Had my first hard lock up yesterday. Game acted like it normally did. Then after rebooting. Things on the map that weren’t marked before came up. So it seems to happen worse when things aren’t fully loading up.