Anyone else really want a Second Beta?

With all the changes that 343 is doing based on the beta feedback, do you guys want another one to test out what theyve changed? I personally would be really interested in it :), especially to stress test servers before the game releases.

I would like a BTB beta. We all already have had our fill of the 4v4 small arena gameplay, we want large maps with 8v8 if not more.

A BTB Beta or Network Test Beta would be good.

Yes! Of course! Not just to give the servers and the changes one last test, but also I want to play what is to date the best halo years!

I loved the first Beta, and honestly don’t want too much to change gameplay wise.
I want a second Beta, but if I feel it’s watered down because of fans complaining, I’ll be upset.

Yes, i wanna ground pound some vehicles lol
I lost all my h5 beta clips :frowning:

I want one to play it again.


totally i cant wait to play again, when ever that maybe, An other beta would be very welcome

Yes, with vehicles and some more weapons (covie and forerunner)

Absolutely, better safe than MCC .

I would, yes, but not happening.

For fun? Yes
For Practical purposes? No, betas take up 343i’s short 3 year dev time for Halo 5: G

I want the full game.

But a second beta would be nice, however they are extremely time consuming and require lots of resources.

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> I would like a BTB beta. We all already have had our fill of the 4v4 small arena gameplay, we want large maps with 8v8 if not more.

Network beta test in the summer would be pretty great and allow them to fine-tune network and gameplay before final release.

Plus it would really show you the value of you being an Xbox One owner - almost like being part of Steam Greenlight/Early Access games.

Definitely needs a server test before release. Can’t have another MCC

For selfish reasons, Yes i would.

Yes but that Beta should be focused on BTB and maybe forge and different game modes

  • Making Sure the File Share works

  • Making Sure every Forge Pallets are added

  • Making Sure Custom Game Settings are good

  • Making Sure Global File Share works

  • find every bugs

  • Making Sure it’s balanced

Many of you will probably say that forge does not need any testing but let us be honest here, you know that ever since reach Forge has just been a copy and paste with. Sure they added the magnet feature and scripting but come on people want more then that like…

  • NPC that you can place on the map and you can select if you want that NPC to be a “defend this area” NPC or Patroling NPC that you can draw a patroling lines on your map and have a patrolling area (some sort of a hill areas that they are patrolling) and will continue after xx time. or just an attack NPC.

  • Scriptable vehicles like if you press a button like a radio a Pelican or other vehicles will arrive to that area (you can customize the flight pattern for the vehicle) and extract you from that area to another area.

  • More scriptable stuff

  • more Vehicles and weapons like 5 different version of the magnums or be able to place a huge MAC cannon on your map.

  • Different version of a forge Pallet such as a wall. (be able to place Human Wall, covenant wall, Forunner wall and even a Flood wall)

these are just a tiny part on what they could add, unless 343 can add more Forge Pallets and better Forge options as an Update

I would love to play that Beta again. So smooth like butter!