Anyone else noticing an issue with hit registration?

I’m not seeing it anywhere I look. So I’m wondering if there is anyone else having problems with hit registration? And, if so, how frequent?

Personally, I have it happen in most matches. My last match I point blank hit someone with a rocket. I died and they only lost their shields. In the same match I hear/felt some one back smack me and I took no damage. I’ve had sticks that don’t kill. Sniper head shots do no damage. Melee and back smacks not registering, etc.

I find it pretty disappointing when a this happens. Even more so when it’s a game deciding moment. This kind of issue can be pretty disenchanting. Just imagine losing a tournament over this…


Bad hit registration is atrocious. Reminds me of Destiny 2, a game I was hoping to drop due to bad hit reg.


I notice it often even with 20 ping. I have also notice the Stalker Rifle shots are delayed when I use it, I will hit a fresh shot and it will come out roughly as soon as I lift my finger from pressing my mouse, I do not have this issue with other weapons.


even with 20 ping it’s bad at the low health situations. melee in particular


I’ve noticed it goes the other way too. I was using the BR on a bid range target. They had one shot left as they ran behind cover. I am absolutely certain I pulled the trigger milliseconds AFTER they made it to cover. But I got the kill anyway. That’s when I had flashbacks of all the times I thought I had made it to cover. Even where my body fell should have been far enough.


Agreed, this happens in a lot of multiplayer FPS games. Hit registry will kill you despite in your view being completely safe and around a corner, this is especially an issue with hitscan and simulated projectiles


I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with my game play, but something seems very off. While trying to stop an opponent from taking our tank in BTB, I unleashed a hail of AR fire on him, right into his back and head. He just turned around and killed me almost instantly.


I ran for a shipping container when I was getting shot at with the Hog’s 50 cal on Launch Site and made it to about 6 ft past the end of the container and then died. It was so far I actually thought I was safe. :unamused:


I’ve played a lot of each halo. For me, it’s more consistent in infinite by FAR. I really hope they aren’t like some other developers and never bother with fixing this. I take ignoring it outright like a silent admission that it’s a mechanic rather then a bug. That’s a factor for my long term commitment to a game. And, as much as I love the halo franchise more then any other, it’s to early to say where that commitment lays.

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I will saying I have notice this with sniping and jacking vehicles.

I’m not calling myself amazing with the sniper, I want to be clear. But there have been moments I should have gotten a head shot or at least a body shot but I didn’t.

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True, and sometimes I have more difficulty hitting than others.

Yeah servers are probably low tick rate or people are lagging due to no region selection/poor connection. Could be both.


Yes, I’ve noticed it too, but only in the last couple days or so. Since the game released, I was consistently getting positive KDA and I was feeling very good about myself. But suddenly my performance dropped, now I’m usually dying twice as much as I’m killing. Either I got much worse in Halo overnight or there is something off.

And I think there is something off. I usually unload a full clip of AR on the enemy and I barely break their shields, whereas it seems like the enemy’s AR can kill me as effectively as a Sniper Rifle. I lose every single gunfight with AR, when I see an enemy with that “power weapon” I might as well surrender and beg for mercy.

Earlier today I was playing Fiesta and hit an enemy with an energy sword, but he didn’t die immediately, the hit took about a second do register. Something similar happend to an enemy I hit with the skewer, at first I thought I missed the shot even though I thought I should have landed the hit, but one second later the enemy died and I got the Ballista medal.


Yep 20-30 ping for me and my friends, all have same issues - dying around corners, melee sometimes just not registering.


Yeah, I think it’s a server tick rate issue, because I’m also seeing (and experiencing) a lot of frustration over getting killed around corners. I think the tick rate is either very low, or the sync is just very poorly set up.

In any case, I’m seeing a lot of the same.


Ya. Occasionally, in H5, you would get shot around a corner but in Infinite, it happens constantly and is worse. Sometimes I get shot twice around a corner.


This is something I submitted a ticket about, I tried several weapons in a custom game and even running someone down and there is a small percentage to where the hitboxes flicker off for several seconds, overall hitboxes flicker but its ussually a millisecond but the more I played, I found a time where the hitbox was completely gone for about 4 or 5 seconds. I litterally had a warthog run through someone in the time it was gone. It could be a serverside issue or the old Gamebryo engine could also be pushing itself to where it starts to have more fatal glitches that multiplayer can’t handle, the former is more likely though.


I definitely notice it sometimes and it’s incredibly frustrating when it happens.

If you’re on a decent server you can really feel the difference. Kills come much easier. Find yourself on a bad server and you will shoot plenty of unshielded Spartans and not get your kills. You can clearly see your shots landing but they still manage to survive.

Personally I’d rather set my search settings to prefer servers close to me. I’d rather play massively unbalanced games (in terms of player skill) on decent servers than play closely matched games on bad servers.

Hopefully they add the ability to select your matchmaking preference again like in Halo 5.

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Might just be you. My only hitreg problems are with the Stalker Rifle.

melee not at all registering or even lunging at times, with both fists and sword. grav ham also being delayed by a second apon impact. certain projectiles, like rockets or grenades being delayed, like i hear the sound, i see the animation, yet nothing comes out till a second or two later. the hit scan weapons don’t really have much of an delay. hitboxes though seem delayed from what the player actually does. i dunno… that’s just my experience