Anyone else notice this?

Being obsessed with Halo, I had set my Laptop’s wallpaper as a Halo 4 picture from Xbox Live Marketplace’s page for Halo 4 (the one where MC is in the middle with wires and other pieces of metal around him). But recently I saw two things on MC’s helmet: Cracks at each side of the visor and MC’s right eye. I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who’s seen this or has anyone else seen it?

I’m not sure if it is his right eye or just a piece of debris in front of him, but it might be…

it’s debris.

Can’t find the pictures. Link?

From a scientific standpoint, its not possible. Chiefs floating through space with no atmosphere and as such, a breach in his suit, no matter how small would kill him.

Then again its just a picture so hey…

No, you sir are sadly mistaken. You are talking about Master Chief.

well i did see the the wall papaer i know wat u talking about but ya i had notice