Anyone Else NOT Receiving EARNED Unlockables?

So to make this short and sweet… I did everything required to get the 7 rewards for watching streamers on twitch including the official halo hcs… it says I have unlocked those rewards. My xbox is linked to my twitch account. Yet I have recieved nothing. Unlocked everything on 12/19/21. Even filled out a ticket on Halo support… Nothing but the automated message. Anyone else not getting what they have earned?

Xbox being linked to your Twitch has nothing to do with it. You needed to link your Twitch account to your waypoint account, through Waypoint settings.

My apologies. I did link my twitch account with my waypoint account. Just double checked. So both my xbox account, twitch account, and halo waypoint account are all linked.

Next move would be to go through your Twitch settings to verify Waypoint is listed (sorry I can’t remember the particular tab, may be promotions?). If all that lines up once you claim the rewards in Twitch you should be golden. Only other thing I could think of is that your GT isn’t tied to your Waypoint account.

On your linked accounts page does it show your Twitch account name or “…”?

Yes, twitch is linked.

My GT has been linked with waypoint for years. On twitch, if I go to settings then connections it does not give me an option to link with waypoint but I have allowed under Other Connections it says 343 Industries is connected.

Damn. Only fix I’ve seen online for people who did everything correctly try and stilk aren’t getting drops is to make an entirely new Waypoint account, and attempt to link your Twitch to that one.

So apparently the developers posted about this. I can confirm that I have now received the missing items. Here is email message from tech support:

Hi Sir Deathsalot,

Thank you for your patience. The developers recently resolved the issue that prevented you from receiving the ( HCS Launch Coatings/Victory Shout Pose/Got Milked nameplate ). You should now see the items in your inventory by viewing them through the ( Weapon Bench/Armor Hall/Player ID ). Here’s a link to a tweet that Halo Support released about the fix:

We also published an article on the Halo Support website that contains information that will help you link your accounts together. You may review it by clicking this link:

Please feel free to submit a new ticket if you experience another issue.


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Since the issue has been resolved and made available, this thread is no longer needed and can be locked now by a moderator. That’s why I flagged this message. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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