Anyone else not really care for Warzone?

H5 is a decent game, I have been having a good amount of fun in most of the multiplayer playlists, but most of the time Warzone just isn’t fun for me.

I am a huge BTB fan (I almost exclusively played BTB in all the Halo games I’ve had), and I guess I was assuming Warzone would be like BTB with REQ’s. Before the game’s release, 343i, as well as members of the community spoke in high praise of the REQ system and the way it is balanced and such, which I know believe not to be true.

The reasons I don’t really like Warzone is because:

-The randomness of matchmaking and the lack of a legitimate skill rank make it extremely difficult to win, because you are very often matched up with other ransoms against larger teams. I know that the game matches you up by your REQ cards, but with the addition of Microtransactions, this means nothing. A good player could have a bunch of useless REQ cards and still go out and drop 40 kills and 2 legendary Boss takedowns, while a bad player with a bunch of legendary REQ cards could manage two Spartan kills and a base capture the entire game. I don’t have any friends that play Halo and don’t have the option as playing as a team besides hoping that as many people as possible have Mics, and I shouldn’t be punished because of this.

-The REQ system often creates a snowballing effect in game. REQ energy replenishes fast enough that if a team carefully coordinates their REQ spending among themselves, they will completely obliterate the other team. Once a team starts to get going with some boss takedowns and base captures, they often can’t be stopped. There will be snipers on either sides of the maps, a tank and a wraith rolling on the inside, and ghosts patrolling the perimeter picking people off. It just isn’t a fun thing to be on the other side of. Now you might say, “Well it’s up to you and your team to get on a roll in the beginning of the game”, and I can understand your point. But this goes back to my previous point, that it is usually very difficult to successfully coordinate with teammates if you’re a lone wolf in matchmaking, and due to the 12v12 nature of Warzone, it is very challenging for more casual players (such as myself) to make THAT big of an impact on the game. Maybe I can steal a few boss takedowns, capture a few bases, and kill 10-15 enemy Spartans, but I’m nowhere near good enough to carry a team of 12 against a fully operational enemy team, and I shouldn’t have to be. This is supposed to be a more causal game type, yes?

-There are only 3 maps. This is a pretty straightforward point- it gets repetitive and even though I think they’re all decent maps, I would prefer some more variety.
-The entire system of Boss takedowns is lacking IMO. First of all, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to get a legendary Boss all the way down to its lowest health possible, then have some random guy from the other team, or even my team, sneak up and shoot it one time and get the takedown. I understand that you need to finish the kill, and I respect that. But they need to at least implement a system that grants you points if you contribute a certain amount of damage to the takedown AND your team ultimately gets the takedown. For example, if I deplete Warden Eternal’s health by 50% and my teammates are able to get the kill, I should get a “Legendary Boss Takedown Assist” or something of that nature instead of just “Teammates eliminated Warden Eternal… nothing”.

-I find it very annoying that people just farm for K/D and sit in one spot with a sniper and BR, taking out people who are actually trying to play the game the way it was meant to be played. That’s not really 343i or Warzone’s fault, it’s just annoying for us that try to actually try to get the full experience.
-The BR should be unlocked at a later REQ Energy level than 3. Maybe 5 or 6 instead, like the DMR. This would help map movement, and alleviate some of the issues discussed above (K/D farming)

-Although this isn’t a huge complaint of mine, it should be addressed that Boss battles do kind of get repetitive and aren’t as much fun as they were intended to be, especially warden eternal. I find Baron S’roam and Captain Hestro to be pretty fun to try to take down, but Warden Eternal and some of the ground promethean Bosses get unexciting fast.

-The sight lines are very long. This adds to my points about the snowballing and camping, close range weapons like the shotgun and energy sword are nowhere near as useful as the BR, Sniper, or DMR. This neglects some of your REQ library: there is not a big tactical advantage to calling in those close range weapons unless you are making a stand protecting a base or trying to capture a base. And even then, once you actually move out of that base to go do something else, you will most likely be gunned down or sniped from long range. This also makes it hard to build up any kind of kill streak.

-The action is very centralized on the maps. All of the gunfighting flows between one or two areas. For example, in Escape from A.R.C., most of the action (apart from boss battles) takes place within the garage and in the triangular area between the garage and the two armories. The same applies to the Spire and the armories on Raid on Apex 7.

This is my opinion of Warzone. It is meant to be constructive criticism, which is why I explained all of my points in-depth, and I hope that 343i tries to fix some of these issues.

Feel free to add something that you really don’t love about Warzone, or give your own opinion on what I said about it, whether you think my points are valid or BS. Remember that this is from the point of view of a a casual player just trying to have some fun. I’m not that great of a player but I’m decent. Just try to keep it civil people lol