Anyone else not playing? No progression system is bad for the game

There’s a cyber showdown this week and the rewards seem cool but I really don’t care enough to be forced to play this new game mode. I enjoyed winter contingency because I could just play whatever mode I wanted and get a reward every day.

My friends are not playing this game until there is a ranked slayers with BR playlist and I don’t think I will either… I think that’s a pretty basic game mode that a lot of people would play.

Not to mention I’m done with battlepass and there’s no progression system beyond that.

People will say… “Dude just play the game for fun.” I’m sorry… I get that… but progression systems are fun for me. It creates a carrot at the end of the stick and something to work on. I hit Onyx on both ranked playlist so that’s kinda boring now. An overall account level and rewards based on accomplishments would help.

I’m not expecting even many people to agree with me but I think more progression / rewards and reason to keep playing would help the game…

I do like the base gameplay but in this age of gaming no progression system feels like something is lacking.

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nope still playing. Finished the BP two weeks ago and knocked out the cyber event last night. I gave zero attention to my battle pass progression and just played the game. I also despise progression system as a whole and i never felt they added anything of value other than being a Skinner box hit to keep you in the game. I will at some point tire of the lack of maps, but that has not happened yet. I play Halo to play Halo, not to unlock arbitrary numbers.

still playing. not as much as I would like to, but yes still around, I focused on the play for fun, cause I don’t care about the BP (bought the low premium) and don’t care for this Miami vice event, someday maybe they´ll come up with something for me, but for now the fun is enough.
I understand your point, that happens to me with other games, but no halo.

I’m still playing, but it definitely stings when I complete 3 challenges at once in my first game of the day and I see 1000+ XP doing absolutely nothing.

When we’re not working toward a battle pass, there should just be an evergreen leveling system that’s designed to last for years.

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Shoot I’m still getting challenges like “Kill 10 enemies with the AR”, use the AR all match, rack up more than 10 kills, and get 3/10 at the end of the match.
I’d be okay with scuffed challenge completion if there were more maps to play.
That hydro lab with the plants in it?
Getting that 3 times in a row?
That is not a good time.

nope, booted up a game a few days ago and it was that same boring arena map with the plants or whatever with no progression, no anything besides some event i dont care about and i just asked “why the hell am i still playin this shallow game,” so i left and uninstalled it

Idk all my posts get locked so they obviously don’t want feedback

Im playing every day! Sucks to have these personal issues for you!

I already stopped playing this game because it left the most abhorrent taste in my mouth that I’ve ever experienced.

All my friends stopped playing, all long term halo 3 fans, pretty good 50s back in the day. I’m the only one playing and people keep asking me to switch to apex lol it’s frustrating because I want this game to be good but it seems like not even the devs want our input when they lock topics about reforming the shop

Yeah, completing all the challenges each week for the weekly reward sucks when you are max BP and the XP just goes down the drain. A long-term levelling system would be nice like Reach or 3 or even MCC. A very long level system like MCC with actual ranks instead of just numbers would be great. It’d feel like most of what I do wasn’t just a waste of time. Getting sick of completing 20 challenges and getting nothing but another emblem to show for it.