Anyone else not getting armour in REQ packs?

I get tons of weapons, vehicles, boosters, etc. But I hardly ever get armour, and I’ve never got a visor.

Anyone else experiencing the same? I really want to unlock customisation options, but it seems I never do…

Same and I’ve opened up about 20 thus far

They are more rare than weapons. Don’t expect to get them in every single pack. I’ve gotten two helmets and an armor set.

It depends on what packs you buy, if you are getting just bronze you aren’t necessarily going to get any permanents. I only buy gold packs because they promise 2 permanent reqs (armor, helmet, visor, emblems, stances, skins, load outs and assassinations). Also even if you get a gold pack you could get a stance and an emblem instead of armor.

Always ALWAYS only buy the Gold pack, don’t waste points on getting Bronze, if you want to try your luck more get two Silvers cause they definitely contain permanents too but Gold has the chance to unlock ANY armour with higher chances at a lot of them then Silver

I’m always getting gold. The only permanents I seem to be getting are emblems. But hey, I guess armour’s just a little more rare. I’ll keep trying.

Same happens to me. I’m level 15 and haven’t even gotten a helmet

I can’t stop getting them.

in one silver pack recently I got 2 versions of the Atlus helmet which was fine, I guess.

You almost always get the better stuff (armour included) when you pay with money instead of points. this applies to both silver and gold packs. I’m not even gonna talk about the rip-offs that are the Gold pack bundles. (Fail 343, just Fail :/)