Anyone else not get the survey?

Didn’t get the survey that was supposed to come out today. Was it in email or waypoint message?

I did not get a way point notification so it’s probably an email

I’m pretty sure it will be sent when the flight ends.

As they mentioned in the stream, it takes a while to send all this stuff out.

Well I checked both & I don’t see it, that’s why I asked.

I was just worried I missed it or something.

I think its either one of them. But I also registered day before yesterday and on the official discord they said that people who signed up after 28th can’t participate. There will be other flights for Infinite though. Not to worry.

I saw this on the Halo Insider FAQ:

"I opted into Halo Insider and flighting… now what?

If your profile is complete and all required fields and information is there, you’re all set! Now just stand by. As the team starts building out flighting plans, they’ll pull from the Halo Insider database and assemble a pool of participants. Everyone who is selected for a flight will receive an email with additional instructions and we’ll generally keep some information updated here in the Halo Insider forum as well. Please be patient – if you don’t get into a flight, don’t give up, this is a long journey with numerous opportunities ahead."

It’s written that they will send an email. Next time there’s a flight, check the email.

Yeah I haven’t gotten the survey either

Not yet.

Waiting eagerly…

I’m curious to know since only some of us will be sent the survey if anyone at all has received one yet.

From what I heard is that they select a select few participants for the survey so not everyone will get one.

I recieved it around 5 or 6 hours ago, so I think if you don’t have one yet, you won’t get one.

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> I recieved it around 5 or 6 hours ago, so I think if you don’t have one yet, you won’t get one.

What were the questions on it?

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Not everyone will get a survey, you can still leave feedback here in the pinned threads though

> A subset of participants will receive an official user research survey via email - please keep your eyes out for this! It’s another way to help us get targeted input and your response is greatly appreciated. (not everyone will receive a survey given scale of this flight) (3/5)