Anyone else not excited as much?

I used to be drooling over Halo 4. Why? It looks stunning, that’s why. I need my multiplayer fix, and Baddlefield aint doing it.

But, now that AC3 came out (which is mind-blowingly awesome), and my roomie picked up Borderlands 2 (Also great) my interest and excitement has been drained.

I can’t really explain it. I’m just not all that pumped for it anymore. Assassins Creed 3 is amazing, i can’t put it down. Borderlands 2 is also mad fun when you have 3 people to play with. I’ve also gotten myself into an MW3 addicition (i kid you not). As November 5th is gonna fly by, which i don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Seeing as I don’t buy games that won’t last me a long time, I still haven’t gotten a game this fall and am more pumped up for Halo 4 than ever.

The reason you lost interest was because the game was such a mystery when they first talked about it. when you heard news about it was like a blessing from god.

i’m so glad i don’t understand this feeling. couldn’t be more pumped. it’s almost all i think about now it’s kind of sad.

edit: awesome I’ve thanked 117 times. i should keep it that way til halo 4 comes out… >.>

I cannot believe I actually read that. How dare you?! Haha

I’m too pumped for words. It’s going to be a good time. At least I hope.

Just wait for it, Halo 4 will blow your mind even more that the other games!

I’ve been screwin around in minecraft and various RPGs.

Too excited for halo4 can’t even look at reach anymore I’m so excited to pick my own gun and never see sword base again

> i’m so glad i don’t understand this feeling. couldn’t be more pumped. it’s almost all i think about now it’s kind of sad.

Maybe it’s a good thing for me. Cause for the past couple months Halo 4 hasn’t really crossed my mind once. So when i get it and it (hopefully) blows me away, the feeling will be 10x greater?

It’s good you feel that way as it means you won’t over hype the game.

i never over hype my self, its a good rule of thumb. if you over hype yourself youll make your expectations above realistic.

I do this nearly every single launch. Get really really really excited for the game 3 months before it’s released. See a ton of things on the game (essentially killing any surprise the game may offer). Come here and see people complaining which severely kills my hype. Within the last week I gain back the hype and I go from being simply pumped to game face mode. The last week is kinda like week to relax because you know it’s going to be soon. I take the full week to clean my apartment and get everything perfect and ready. I get all my munchies and drinks and make sure I’m prepared to not leave the house for a few days. My apartment is basically 100% dusted/bleached/etc… Their really isn’t anything else to do except throw a few Halo art pieces that I did up on the walls and get a few cubes of MD and a couple more bags of Doritos Jacked and I’m good to go. I’m most certainly ready for this game to release.

If anyone was wondering I only do this for Halo. Even if I’m excited for other games I usually don’t even get them at launch. Halo launches are always a good time. :slight_smile:

I have only overhyped one Halo game in my lifetime. Halo anniversary ( I thought original CE MP would be in it.)

There is no other game that can keep me playing every day for over 11 years…
I try other games, I often like or even love them, but after a week or two I already get bored of them.
Great examples are Skyrim and Borderlands 2, I loved them, but after 2 weeks I didn’t even care about them anymore.
Games like Mario did keep me occupied way longer, but I never play Nintendo games anymore.
So Halo is really the only game I care about and will always be my favourite game, so I’m very excited. :slight_smile:

> I have only overhyped one Halo game in my lifetime. Halo anniversary ( I thought original CE MP would be in it.)

Same here. I thought that CEA would have been a bit fleshed out better and feel more like a full game. CEA is just a new graphics-layer above the old with skulls and terminals and quite laggy-over Xbox Live co-op. And using Reach’s multiplayer on a few classic old maps. I liked CEA, it just didn’t live up to it’s potential.

you are right…I am not as excited for it…I AM GOING COMPLETELY INSANE FOR IT

Well I’ve been watching walkthroughs of some of the other games, and even though they tend to exceed my expectations, they never really blow me away like halo has consistently done. So from what I’ve seen of Halo 4, It still looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Haven’t been this excited for a game since gears 3. I usually don’t buy any other games I’m not gonna play long term. Long go the days that I stopped playing Madden. Assassins creed, was blah. I just played the first one though and I could not get into it. My roommate is in love with the series but I doubt I’ll give it a second try. Never tried borderlands. Does look fun. And skyrim…that’s like a console WOW. Sorry. Not my cup of tea. Halo will always have my <3 so too answer your question, no it hasn’t died down for me. I honestly can’t wait to play it.