Anyone else need vacation from Infinite?

The SBMM in this game is absolute insanity, for a week now I have been struggling to break even at all. Does anyone else feel like over the holiday it’s just been rough? I do not know what happened. Before I have after a couple of bad rounds a few good ones but now it’s just 100% sweat mania at all times. This game has become a job - a draining one. What is happening?


The honeymoon phase is long past, hype-train noobs have been weeded out. Now its just the hardcore fans left. Old and new.

Thats my guess at least lol


This game has been out for 6 weeks and 3 of those weeks the development team has been on vacation LOL


People are simply better at the game now.
Join the rest of us in asking for FireFight or Warzone or some other non competitive style play.
You are playing an arena shooter…if you aren’t “sweating” then what are you doing?
How else do you play an “arena” shooter?
Serious question as I truly despise the term sweat


I’ve just hit Diamond 6 in controllers tempted fate and ended up ranking down to 5. Reached Diamond 5 in open and I feel like I may burn out. Once I hit Onyx in either, I’m taking a long break from Infinite.

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At the moment I don’t wanna play because it’s just buggy as hell. BTB is terrible and won’t load, SBMM is unbalanced, the servers are horrible. It’s so frustrating because the game is good but it can be so much better!
Games released for Xmas and at most times it’s unplayable. Great move 343.

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I have been playin Halo MCC in the hopes that 343i will fix the Custom Games Area!


Two parts to this:

1st - I am dying for PVE mode! I absolutely join you in petitioning for it.

2nd - I do not agree that the very nature of an arena shooter is sweat at all times. If the SBMM would be more lose you would see a bigger variety of skill levels which would make the game more exciting. Currently, I am playing against myself at all times. Most of my lobbies look like HCS rounds where barely anyone breaks even. This is sweat. It’s a real thing. You may not like it because it’s thrown around a lot, but even the pros complain about it.


This was their chance to bring me back to Halo. I was sufficiently hyped before release (I stayed dark best I could). Well, I’ve been disappointed again so I’ll see you guys in 5-10yrs. Maybe another studio will be at the helm by then. Fingers crossed.


You are playing… and breaking even.

Isn’t that what any game should be striving for?

You’ve found your zone.

I don’t understand this desire to have 50% games easy and 50% being belted.

And I suspect the reality is that most people are wanting is 85% easy, 10% sweaty, and only 5% being belted themselves.

“Sweat” is such a subjective experience. That player you just went toe to toe with could be a Champion mucking around while binging the Witcher on Netflix… or a Bronze 1 player jacked to the eyeballs on Mountain Dew and caffeine and playing the game of their life.

The matchmaking is putting you at this level because that is the level you are ‘sweating’ too. If you relax and muck around a bit… your rank will drop and you will get less ‘sweaty’ games. This, of course, relies on you to maintain that level of ‘chill’ and not start going for triple figure K:D.

Im finally starting to get bored after like 400 games. The last 2 days Ive been forcing myself to play for the splatter background which might be the first weekly reward I dont unlock just because Im so bored

I need Firefight, Co-Op, working custom games and Forge for me to really dump any time into the game. It’s not that I don’t like the multiplayer or anything, it’s just that I enjoy the more niche side of Halo games.


Need less bugs and more Grifball.

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I am asking for actual variety in my games, not this painfully mechanical process. When I turn on Infinite I know that I will have to push myself to the brink constantly and for most of my play session I barely manage a 1.0 KD, then I get a few games of getting absolutely violated, and then I am being thrown into the handicapped bracket where I go 10+. Rinse and repeat. It’s pretty much like you describe. I either intentionally play bad to get “relaxed games”, get a round where I get a stack of sweaty HCS boys and slip up, or I play normal and have a miserable time. Day after day. It’s a constant cycle that does not change.

That’s pure frustration. I am happy for the players that are having the time of their lives being always challenged to the max, I for one do not enjoy this. I am not getting paid for this, I do not want to constantly play like I have to compete for some price pool. At this point, why even have a social playlist when it’s all just like ranked?


Don’t waste your breath. This has been explained to this guy 1 billion times. He doesn’t understand that some people want to relax when they play halo and pre halo 5 you used to be able to.


Exact same. I hit Onyx tonight and feel like I deserve a week off. This last week the game has been painful for me.


Those were the times. I finish the Battlepass this week, I think I need to get Farming Simulator or something after to calm down.


Yes the very nature of an arena shooter is too sweat man. ahahahaha what else is there to do?
I get that people want easier games but its nonsense man.
How do you accomplish that other than terrible matchmaking?

not trying to rude but what else is there to do?
The objective is to be the other team.
Just because bad people exist doesn’t mean the game is supposed to just magically play different.
There is no AI.
There is literally nothing else to do but conquer the other team.
That is sweat

I disagree. What’s the point of social playlist?